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Nubian Village Tour


The Nubian Village Tour in Aswan offers a unique opportunity to delve into the vibrant culture and traditions of the Nubian people. This enriching experience allows you to interact with a Nubian family, witness their simple lifestyle, and gain insights into their rich heritage. Embark on a memorable journey that showcases the beauty of the River Nile, the scenic landscapes, and the captivating charm of the Nubian Village.


Departure Point: Hotel or Nile Cruise in Aswan

Your Nubian Village Tour begins with a convenient pick-up from your hotel or Nile cruise in Aswan. A friendly and knowledgeable tour guide will meet you and ensure a smooth start to your adventure.

Transportation: Motorboat Ride on the Nile

Hop aboard a comfortable motorboat that will take you on a scenic ride along the majestic River Nile. Enjoy the gentle breeze and breathtaking views as you sail towards the Nubian Village.

Location: West Bank of the River Nile, near Soheil Island and the Aswan Dam

The Nubian Village is nestled on the West Bank of the River Nile, just opposite Soheil Island and in close proximity to the iconic Aswan Dam. This strategic location adds to the charm and accessibility of the village, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an authentic cultural experience.

Scenic Views: Passing by the First Cataract of Aswan

During your boat ride, marvel at the scenic beauty of the First Cataract of Aswan. This natural wonder, characterized by its rocky outcrops and swirling waters, adds a touch of adventure and natural splendor to your journey.

Cultural Immersion: Meeting and Interacting with a Nubian Family

Upon reaching the Nubian Village, you will have the privilege of meeting a welcoming Nubian family. Engage in meaningful conversations, learn about their daily life, and witness firsthand the warmth and hospitality that the Nubian people are renowned for.

Lifestyle: Discovering the Simple Lifestyle of the Nubian People

Immerse yourself in the simplicity of the Nubian lifestyle. Explore their traditional houses, characterized by vibrant colors and intricate designs. Gain insights into their agricultural practices, handicrafts, and the harmonious coexistence they share with nature.

Culture and Traditions: Learning about the Unique Nubian Heritage

Delve into the rich culture and traditions of the Nubian people. Learn about their music, dance

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